Like many projects we’re having to scale back our face-to-face work to protect the health and wellbeing of our community.

Our studios in London Old Street, London Notting Hill, Bristol and Hastings will be closed for the time being, and on the advice of our NHS partners we’re putting our hospital sessions on hold, too. Same goes for our weekly music industry sessions, volunteer groups, community choir and open mic events.

BUT! WE’RE NOT STOPPING! Artists on our Music Industry Recovery Programme – you can expect a phone call from your mentor at the time you’d normally attend the studio to check in about you music project and check up on how you’re doing. Maybe even arrange a virtual studio session through a live streaming app. Oh, and your awesome mentors will also chase up your project work, distancing does not = slacking! Our volunteer and choir leaders will be making regular phone calls to their groups, too. Artists who aren’t on our programme but could do with a chat can get our email and text details from the message on our office phone, may take a few days to get back to you but we will.

Stay safe, and let’s find new ways in this adversity to harness the healing power of #music.

Love from the KEY CHANGES team, LONDON, MARCH 2020