We provide in-reach services for young people and adults receiving treatment on acute, intensive care, forensic and rehabilitation psychiatric wards in hospitals in London and other locations in the UK.

Using the latest music technology and apps our specially trained musicians and producers encourage patient engagement in music activities including DJ-ing, singing, MC-ing, songwriting, beatmaking, production, recording and performance. The sessions offer an accessible and energising mix of contemporary music styles including hip hop, soul, r’n’b, reggae, rock, folk, funk, dubstep and anything in between!

Patients are supported and encouraged to step up to the mic, have a go mixing on the decks, learn music technology, write lyrics, make beats, produce and record tracks or simply enjoy the sounds.

The objectives are based around social inclusion and recovery and include:

  • Develop social, communication, creative, technical and vocational skills
  • Rekindle ability to express feelings, make choices, take turns and respect the views and tastes of others
  • Opportunity to re-engage in leisure interest and spend time with others who have a common interest in music
  • Bringing patients and staff together in a positive activity
  • Space to foster hope and aspirations for the future
  • Signpost progression to music services in the community post-discharge

We work closely with ward staff to tailor session format and content to suit ward specialisms and patient interests. An audit after each session reviews clinical feedback, patient engagement and comments and can be included in patient satisfaction surveys.

Our approach is effective in engaging patients who may not be participating in other ward activities. It is a useful way of signposting patients to our community programme, and visits to our studio can be arranged with ward staff. Regular attendance can lead to significant improvement in patient presentation and increased ward leave and can help to contribute to care planning post-discharge from hospital.

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Studio Sessions

Our core service in the community offers tailored one-to-one sessions at our professionally equipped Central London studios with music industry mentors for musicians, composers, song writers, lyricists, producers, vocalists and MC’s.

Activities include song writing, composition, beat-making, production, recording and performance. Additional support is provided with artist development including industry advice, video production and photography, press kits, release planning, marketing and distribution.

All skills levels are supported from beginners to those with professional backgrounds in the music industry.

What’s included:

  • One-to-one studio sessions with specially-trained music industry mentor
  • Fully-equipped writing, production and recording studios
  • Artist development and release planning
  • Concerts, festivals and events
  • Pre-start assessment and taster session, ongoing contact with health and social care services throughout engagement
  • Signposting to additional support with health and wellbeing, advocacy, legal, business, finance, housing advice, etc,
  • Progression to continuing education, volunteering opportunities, work experience and employment

Our step-by-step referral pathway includes a taster session in our studio to assess musical interests and aspirations and any access or risk issues that could affect participation.

Eligibility and Fees

To access the programme the following criteria and fees apply:

  • Using mental health services, or receiving treatment for a mental health condition, referred by Care Coordinator or other health and social care professional, eligible for personal budget or direct payment: £65 per week (full programme,(minimum 15 weeks) *
  • Using mental health services, or receiving treatment for a mental health condition, referred by Care Coordinator or other health and social care professional, not eligible for personal budget or direct payment, self-funded: £20 per session (minimum – fee based on sliding scale of £2 per £1000 of income and benefits) (minimum 5 sessions)
  • Not using mental health services, or receiving treatment for a mental health condition, self-referred, self-funded: £65 per session (minimum 5 sessions)

All fees confirmed after initial assessment. Terms and Conditions apply. Where someone is receiving treatment for a mental health condition and unable to pay we may offer limited service on a discretionary basis subject to contribution of volunteering for the charity in return.

Click here to contact us for more information or to make a referral.


Key Changes is proud to launch the world’s first record label dedicated to releasing material from artists affected…

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Live performance is a key component of our therapeutic approach. Performing original material produced in our studios at concerts and events provides a boost to artists’ confidence and self-esteem and is a powerful way of challenging stigma and discrimination around mental health issues.

Our regular shows at mainstream venues and in mental health settings are energising and life-affirming for performers and audiences alike. See our events page for upcoming shows. Our talented singers, rappers and musicians can provide a wide variety of music to suit all tastes and we welcome booking enquiries from promoters and event organisers.

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During engagement we work with clients to to identify opportunities for progression to continuing training, volunteering, work experience and employment through our partnerships with community and music industry organisations, training providers and work programmes. We also offer in-house volunteer opportunities that provide work experience placements in a music setting with training and support.

Bespoke mental health awareness and music mentoring training for groups and organisations can also be provided. Please contact us for more information.