Andrew Fernandes is a singer and guitarist who makes romantic pop music with an international flavour. He writes lyrics in both Portugese and English, reflecting his background. Whilst he was born in England he still has family in Portugal and the history and culture are apparent in his music. His track Suavamente is a classic love song about trying to find a girlfriend. Andrew thinks that all good music comes from the heart and that love songs are universal: “Everyone can relate to them.” It contains a great lyric we can all identify with: “I mean I think I have never seen her, but I really want to meet her.” His influences are varied – from the Latin-tinged pop of Enrique Iglesias and Shawn Mendes to the heavier rock of Green Day and Avenged Sevenfold. Andrew started learning guitar at 18 and initially used to post louder music on his YouTube channel – including cover versions and acoustic reworks of the likes of Avenged Sevenfold before starting to write pop songs when working with producers at Key Changes. “I was originally just going to do rock songs, but changed cos I wanted my music to reach more people,” he says. And overall, he is very clear about what he wants to say and what his music is about: “The message is about me.” FOR MORE ARTIST INFO, DOWNLOADS AND STREAMING GO TO: