KC:   Tell us about your experience at Key Changes

Razi:   My experience has been one of the most spirit lifting points of my life. Key Changes has given me the chance to express positive messages through experience and music. Giving me the opportunity to show parts of my world to the world.

KC:   What has been the most valuable experience as part of the KC team?

Razi:   I have always admired the unity of our team when playing on stage at events and festivals. It reminds me that I am not alone and we are not alone.

KC:   What is your inspiration?

Razi: My inspiration is broad but the people that inspire us to sing for their enjoyment is very encouraging and very special to me.

KC:   What can we expect from your new music?

Razi:   I hope my music will be a spirit moving journey into worlds on edge of mysteries and enlightening waves of sound. I hope you enjoy.

KC:   How does KC help your mental health?

Razi:   Key Changes has provided me a safe stable base for my needs as an artist which has helped me handle my life with a little more care. Music and Art are my life and Key Changes makes sure I am not left out of positive opportunities.

KC: What advice would you give to other artists experiencing mental health issues?

Razi:   Keep rocking, keep jamming and let your voice be heard, and known, never give up. Remember others like you that deserve a chance and remember you’re just as unique. Keep at it and don’t ever ignore your dreams. Peace.

Click here to see the video for Razi’s haunting, atmospheric track “Blue Corner” (Bob Zong remix) on YouTube