KC: How did you came across Key Changes?

 SLG: I was in the hospital as an inpatient and Key Changes was part of our Christmas party. I did some MC on their mic and they told me they like the way I perform with my lyrics.

KC: How has Key Changes assisted you in your recovering from mental health issues? 

It helped me because I can get my lyrics across. I like to write songs since back when I was a little kid and with Key Changes I can get my lyrics across.

KC: What sort of music inspires you?

Mainly rap. I like hanging on the streets and getting on with other people.

KC: How does making music affect your mental health?

It helps me because I can speak about how I feel, I can rap about it and about how things are going. It’s a way of letting things out.

KC: What does live performing at the open mic Key Changes event mean to you?

As a starting point, for me to perform in a live stage, it’s not easy but I do it because I have overcome the feeling and it challenges me. I’m still an inpatient so this is the first time I have come out side to perform.

Click to hear SLG’s track on the Key Changes Soundcloud