“Been a fighter from birth, being born at 24 weeks old”

Rapper Dion Mendy AKA Dionysius was brought up in Camden Town, North West London, with parental roots from Gambia, Barbados and England.

Dionysius says artists such as Nas, Bob Marley, Prodigy, Dead Prez, Chief Keef and Michael Jackson are his biggest influences. Rapping from a very young age helped Dionysus build his confidence through primary school.

Dionysus states being brought up in Camden Town, known for short as ‘C-Town’ aka ‘Cracktown’ was a bad environment where he saw and heard a lot.

Towards the end of his time in secondary school, years 10 and 11, Dionysus started rapping again, inspired to write his passionate lyrics.

Dionysius went on to spent a year at a Chef College before he got back into the dojo and took on a 3 year apprenticeship in Kick Boxing. Through this he trained himself and other people.

Dionysius aspires to encourage kids to do better, have better relationships with families and to make people aware of mental health.

In his spare time, Dionysius enjoys reading factual books, making music and chilling with his friends. To keep relaxed, he goes to the gym and writes music.

Dionysius releases “Lost Souls” EP on Key Changes Records.

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