Jackson Harris, also known as “JustJackson” is a songwriting artist born and raised in Westminster.

Having being named after Jackson Brown just as well he cites the singer as one of his musical inspirations.

Jackson started writing at the age of 19, whilst studying human science at Oxford University. His autobiographical style of music, melodically explore his feelings to a smooth musical backdrop as a form of therapy. Speaking on his reasons to make music, Jackson says “If I can express myself I’ll be happy, music feels like home.”

Jackson is open about the struggles he went through in life, and the impact they have had on his mental health. Upon leaving university Jackson was sectioned twice, being admitted to Highgate hospital. It was here that Jackson was introduced to Key Changes, who have helped him turn him life around and develop not just as a well-rounded songwriter, but as a performing artist also.

Jackson says that being introduced to Key Changes helped in overcome his fear of performing, and became an outlet for him at his lowest point. Jackson remarks that “at Key Changes I feel like the most me.” Jackson explores themes of love, both self-love and love of a significant other, on his forthcoming EP, entitled “Crosses On The Line” both self-love and love of a significant other. “Mistakes I’ve made a few, but none of them loving you.” – is a line from one of the songs off the EP that sums this up perfectly.