Key Changes are collaborating with researchers from UCL and KCL to run ‘Mics and Minds’ an exciting research and music project.

We know from experience how much our service users benefit from the power of music. So do the people who come to our gigs. We think it’s time to let the world of science and healthcare know too.

We’re offering studio time and a place on a posse track featuring other Key Changes artists for rappers and MC’s in exchange for taking part in this exciting study.

‘Mics and Minds’ is a collaboration between Key Changes, UCL and KCL. It is a scientific study. We want to see what changes happen to our artists’ bodies and emotions when they are in a studio session. This will require taking some very basic measurements, and asking you a few questions after you record a verse over one of our tailor made beats.

Please contact us if you or anyone you know may be interested in taking part.