Music and Mental Health

We provide music engagement and recovery services in hospitals and the community for young people and adults experiencing mental health problems.

Our award-winning programme promotes wellbeing and recovery through developing creative, technical and vocational skills and opens pathways to mainstream opportunities in education, training, work experience and employment. Our innovative approach draws on clinical therapeutic techniques and uses creative collaboration and culturally relevant music activities and genres.

Music can play a valuable role in recovery from mental illness.

It can stimulate emotional and aesthetic responses, develop creative, technical, social and vocational skills, improve expression, communication, confidence and self-esteem, and facilitate positive changes in behaviour and wellbeing.

Our structured programme promotes recovery and encourages progression to new life opportunities through in-reach engagement in hospitals and pathways to mainstream creative and vocational music activities in the community.

We work in partnership with NHS and other health and social care agencies and provide services for over 1500 people each year.