Key Changes – the world’s first mental record label for artists with mental health diagnoses – will showcase their incredible roster of talent. Be moved, inspired, humbled.

In the intimate Arch1 venue under Manor road in east London, this is a musical haven to catch unbelievable London talent, experiment in wild jams, and hear touching stories of the power of music to heal. Supported by Arts Council England and the Royal College of Psychiatrists, this is London’s first neurodiverse night of urban music.??Audience and artist are undivided. Every night is unique, carved by all of you who attend. Come and leave your mark.

Schedule: ??7.30pm to 8.30pm: OPEN JAM [all musicians, MCs, poets, are invited to improvise with some of London’s leading young talent. Photography and videography available throughout for those looking for portfolio additions.]??8.30pm – 9.30pm: Key Changes – the worlds first mental health music label – showcases their incredible roster of artists who have used music through their mental health recovery. These are amazing artists seldom given the space they deserve, which this night serves to rectify.??9.30pm – 10.15pm: Ben Wickins and his band are ridiculous. They effortlessly switch between soul, hard-rock, and the rawness of UK beats. Featuring top tier musicians from London’s community, tight-knit improv and razor sharp songwriting. Their set really is special, and needs to be seen. ??10.30pm – late. OPEN JAM. This is where we get wild and experimental. Strictly improv. All are welcome. Hosted by Mandeep.