“My brother used to play lovers rock and I’d go to bed listening to the music. It was rnb, reggae and soul. Then at the age of 10 my uncle got me a radio and I used to listen to all the top 40 chart music. I’d lie in a bath on a Sunday and listen to the whole top 40 and my sister would be banging on the door.

The first records I bought myself were Buffalo Girls by Malcom McLaren and the Wild Style movie soundtrack when I was 15.

I used to watch the breakdance films with my sister at the cinema. I was too young watch them but really loved it.

I pretty much discovered rock myself in the 90’s when I heard bands like Nirvana, Guns ’n’ Roses and Metallica. I got put off by allot of the heavy metal though with it’s satanic undertones but was quite influenced by it. I think I was rebelling against my mum’s christian morals but I just liked the sound of the heavy guitars. I ended up smashing all my old rock and gangster rap CD’s. Sometimes you have to go through the darkness to see the light.”

Who are your farorite musicians?

“I’d say Prince and Lenny Kravitz are probibly my biggest influences.”

When did you first start making music?

“I’d say Prince and Lenny Kravitz are probibly my biggest influences.”When I was 18 I started playing the keyboards. It was a tiny little keyboard I picked up in Acton. Later I got a Yamaha keyboard and a Tescam 4-track and I was away. I used to play it every day. I then got into rapping with my cousins and we recorded first track “Tsunami” in a studio in Acton.

I discovered Key Changes when I was staying at a hostel in Shepherds Bush. I was involved in an acting workshop called Cardboard Citizens and I told them I wanted to do more music so they introduced me to Key Changes.

I always wanted to do the rock thing but never learned to play guitar. I just like singing against a heavy sound. It lets me express myself more passionately. You can express anger in a positive way if you also https://smokeypointskin.com/ambien-online/ express grief and sadness and happiness. You’ve got to be true to yourself about how you’re feeling at the time, that’s what an artist does. There’s no running away from the truth and your feelings.

One of the things Spiritual Don is best known for is his music tour of “Fitness First” Gyms around London circa 2015 – 2018

“After my mum passed away I started going to the gym to keep my mind and body busy. I became emotionally attached to a lady at the gym so I wrote a song about her and sang it in one of the gym classes. She was impressed and asked me to sing at her leaving do. A friend of mine (Robin Davis – In the documentary) that I met at the gym was blind but liked my liked my songs. He used to type up my songs for me. I then wrote a song called Indian summer and started performing it at all the gyms at the reception desks up and down the country with my multiple club membership pass and my freedom pass. Eventually I got exhausted and didn’t know which gym to go to. I couldn’t wait till that gym membership ended so I didn’t have to keep performing at all these gyms. Now I just go to the local gym once a week. You got to appreciate the journey though.

I wrote a song at Key Changes with Dan about a boxing fighter that I met at one of the gyms in Hammersmith. He had an amazing story about almost being burnt to death as a child and surviving the odds. I think I related to this story as I had a near death experience at four years old.

You can choose to stand alone stand together. I’ve had to learned to choose to stand together with people. No matter how strong you may feel you are. If you have one candle lit, that candle will soon burn out but if you’re able to pass the flame and enlighten other people.

You can get side-tracked with the drama.”

“Heaven Sent Seven” by Spiritual Don is out now on Key Changes Records