During engagement we work with clients to to identify opportunities for progression to continuing training, volunteering, work experience and employment.

Through our partnerships with community organisations such as Morley College, Working Mens College, Arsenal in the Community, The Big Alliance and St Luke’s Centre, and music industry organisations such as Amy Winehouse Foundation and Big Promo, we aim to open pathways to mainstream college courses, work programmes and support with artistic and vocational development.

We can also facilitate access to advocacy and advice services around health and social care, debt, legal, housing and other issues.

We also provide training in music mentoring and workshop leading skills for professional musicians and producers interested in working in this context, and for other groups and organisations. The training focuses on music and mental health, and is also relevant to any setting where participants are from “at risk” or vulnerable backgrounds and where wellbeing and recovery are an important part of the process. Please contact us for more information.